Here at Cleveland Wood Preserve, we treat our lumber onsite. Our chemical (NatureWood-CA®) is treated with Copper Azole type C (CA-C). CA-C is a copper-based waterborne preservative that provides long-term protection from rot, fungi decay, and termites for a wide variety of residential, commercial, and industrial building applications. We provide safe and long-lasting protection to the pressure-treated lumber we sell, making for excellent exterior construction.

Retention for Various Applications:

Above Ground: A retention level of .06 preservative per cubic foot (PCF) is suitable for decking, fence boards, hand rails, deck supports etc.

Ground Contact: A retention level of .15 PCF is suitable for fence posts, landscaping, piers, docks, etc.

NatureWood® Care and Maintenance:

For information on how to care for and maintain our pressure treated lumber, please visit NatureWood, click>>>


Yellow Pine, Pressure Treated, Premium Spruce, Tongue and Groove,
Plywood, Subfloor, OSB

Decking & Railing

Trex, Wild Hog Panels, Wild Hog Linx Pergola Systems

12×12 With Sunshade
8×8 With Hammock

Hardware & Cement:

Screws, Nails, Timberlocks, Joist Hangers, Gravel Mix & MORE!


Cleveland Wood Preserve is a wholesale and retail supplier of quality pressure treated lumber, building supplies, and various wood products. From larger house and fencing packages to smaller home projects, Cleveland Wood Preserve has what you need to help you complete the job.

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